James Goodwin


  Kevin Rockwell

   "Yes, Disc Golf is an academic resource, it teaches an amazing peace of mind to students who have never been taught to deal on a one on one basis with themselves. In Disc Golf, troubled students learn to participate in an activity that indeed changes their lives. My Frisbee taught millions of people to relate to another person through the medium of simply playing catch with a piece of plastic. Disc Golf teaches them to go one step further to play a simple and satisfying game with themselves, again with a piece of plastic."

"Steady" Ed Headrick,
DGA and Disc Golf's Founding Father

            The Lutheran High School of Orange County Disc Golf Club (LHSOCDGC) is a club that was started by James Goodwin, Kevin Rockwell, and Elliott Pak in 2008. 

            Orange Lutheran has been known to take its toll on the students, but the LHSOCDGC offers an escape.  Lead by Mrs. Wakeling as the advisor and the three aforementioned leaders, the LHSOCDGC strives to create the most active, clean, and inviting atmosphere it can for the benefit of its members.  With the interest of some 80 members in mind, these amiable leaders have become indefatigable advocates for the weary and exhausted kids at OLU. 

            Some skeptics may ask how we offer this escape.  The answer is simple.  Through playing disc golf of course!  This low-risk sport can be played by anyone and requires absolutely no experience, only a disc or two.  The game of disc golf also known as Frisbee golf is played much like regular ball golf.  The goal is to use the least amount of throws in order to get the Frisbee disc into the basket.

            With semimonthly games of Frisbee golf, non-stop propaganda, and community service this club has become the beau ideal of the school.